Trademark watching

Has your trademark been registered? Great. Now you have to maintain your lead on your competitors. A valid trademark registration alone is not enough for sound trademark protection. Taking action when faced with an infringement is also part of it. Only this will keep the trademark distinctive and unique. Always keep your eyes and ears open to signal infringements. Also, it is necessary that you check the trademark registers every day for new trademark applications that are similar to your trademark. Onel can help you monitor trademarks.

How does trademark watching work?

To protect your trademark against infringers, you can opt for Onel’s trademark watching services. How does this work? We will compare all new applications and new registrations to your trademark. We will notify you if we find a trademark that closely resembles your trademark. In case of an infringement alert, we will also advise you on any action you can take against the trademark found.

In addition to objectionable trademarks, we can also track objectionable tradenames or domain names. Trademarks can be watched in the Benelux, the European Union or Worldwide.

Advantages of trademark watching

Adequate trademark watching enables you to respond to an infringement quickly and appropriately. It will help you avoid costly and time-consuming legal procedures. If you fail to act promptly, you could lose your trademark rights. In other words, we offer:

  • Quick updates about objectionable trademarks, tradenames and domain names.
  • Special opposition procedures. The so-called opposition periods have strict deadlines. Trademark watching ensures you are informed on time, and allows you to object to the registration of a similar trademark by submitting an opposition and avoid expensive legal procedures.
  • If you act quickly, an opponent is often still in the preparatory phase and generally more willing to choose a different name. This will help limit any damage.