New name

You have created a new trademark, congratulations! Perhaps the best thing about introducing a new company or a new product, is trying to find a good trademark name or company name, with a matching logo. Once they’re in place, your business or product can truly take off.

Whether it is a company name, a logo or a product name, or a combination, a trademark needs to be protected. After all, it distinguishes you from others in the market. Trademark protection helps you prevent others from using the same trademark, or a very similar trademark, registered for similar products or services. This will help you keep your competitive lead.

What should a trademark look like?

Thinking up a new name for your company or your product can be fun, but tricky at the same time. Commercially, a name that describes your product or service is quite handy. But legally, a name needs more than that to be able to act as a trademark.

In order to register a trademark in the Benelux, it must meet a number of criteria. The key one is its distinctive character. It cannot be an overly descriptive name for the products or services for which it is used. For instance, EURO RENT A CAR is too descriptive as a name for a car rental company. In general, the more imaginative the name, the stronger it is, also from a legal point of view.

Creating a strong trademark name

At Onel we are only too happy to help you design a new business or trademark name. It also means that we can advise you about the possibilities of registering the trademark during this phase. And if you really draw a blank, we can call in the services of one of our partners, a name creation office.

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