The Amsterdam-based Moss band is known for its versatile repertoire of refined guitar pop, widely admired by fans and critics alike. The band performed at the Pinkpop music festival and even appeared twice at the Lowlands festivals. From indie-rock to psychedelic, Moss brings a unique sound on their last three albums Never be scared / Don’t be a hero (2009), Ornaments (2011) and We Both Know The Rest Is Noise (2014). That the versatility of Moss appeals to an ever-increasing group of fans, as well as musical critics is obvious from the raving reviews.

An album on Spotify by a band with the same name as ours

“The reason we wanted to check out where we stood on our name and “trademark” was the appearance of an album on Spotify by a band with the same name as ours. Obviously, not ideal. People at gigs told us “wow, your music doesn’t sound anything like what we’ve heard on Spotify”. We also heard of problems of a fellow band called “Beginners”. They were taken off Spotify after complaints from an American band of that same name. “That’s not going to happen to us” we thought.

Arnaud Bos of Onel trademarks gave us some great advice and helped us register our trademark. Not only to prevent these type of problems with online music services, but also to protect our merchandise; t-shirts, bags, posters etc. It feels good to have this sorted.”