For our foreign associates: meet Onel

While we serve many entrepreneurs in the Benelux market, we also work as a Benelux or European agent for large trademark portfolio owners. Either directly or through their foreign associates. If you are looking for an enthusiastic trademark firm in the Benelux or Europe, you have come to the right address. Onel trademarks is flexible and delivers custom-made services.

As part of the Knijff Group, we offer foreign associates a wide range of services. For instance, Onel can provide world-wide high-quality trademark searches with legal opinion. These are performed under the label Multisearch in cooperation with Knijff Trademark Attorneys.

The Onel case put Onel in the international news in 2011. Onel trademarks had asked the Court of Justice for a judgement on the territorial use of a European trademark within the European Union. It shows just how much Onel likes to have things clear and transparent. Loud and clear. That’s what Onel stands for.

More about Onel

Onel trademarks is a Dutch boutique firm. Founded more than 40 years ago, it was one of the first trademark firms in the Netherlands. We are part of the Knijff group since merging with Knijff Trademark Attorneys in 2005. The Onel team currently consists of tree certified trademark attorneys and four paralegals.

Onel trademarks operates in a digital environment. This allows us to assist you as and when needed. We are committed to respond to any request within 24 hours. Our rates are below average. In every way we are very competitive. Onel, loud & clear.