Loud & Clear

Onel trademarks speaks the language of trademark holders. We understand that there is no time for endless legal advice, and that (fast) action is what matters. Quick, efficient, loud and clear. Transparent advice with a clear opinion. That is what people expect from us. And that is what we stand for. Onel, Loud & Clear.

What our Onel trademark attorneys offer

  • You will get the best protection for your trademark. Our trademark attorneys are Certified Trademark Attorneys by the Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law (BMM), and are familiar with the latest legislation, literature and relevant case law.
  • You will have access to smart solutions to protect your trademark.
  • You will get clear and practical advice. With our years of experience we know what businesses and entrepreneurs want and where their priorities lie.
  • We will take over your administration and the hassle that goes with it.
  • We will manage your trademark portfolio and monitor terms so that you never miss a deadline.
  • As your partner, we will help you in disputes, answer your questions, and think along with you.
  • You will benefit from competitive rates.