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At Onel trademarks, we specialise in providing no-nonsense trademark protection to businesses and entrepreneurs. We are not like any other trademark firm. We get to the point and will honestly tell you whether or not your trademark application is likely to succeed or fail. Don’t expect endless legal analyses. Instead, expect practical advice about protecting your trademark in a language you can understand. We have years of experience working with entrepreneurs, and together we decide how to secure the best possible protection for your trademark. Loud & Clear, that’s Onel.






Nobody can tell you more about trademark protection than those operating in the same market. We asked other entrepreneurs to tell you why searching, registering and monitoring your tradename is important to grow your company.


Are you a foreign associate and do you want to know what Onel can do for you? We are happy to be your sparring partner for the Benelux. Onel trademarks is flexible and supplies customised services. Onel, loud & clear.

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